Biotronik depth ratings update

I have been in contact with Berlin re the depth rating of my Eluna 8 DR-T.  Berlin -"... your Eluna 8 DR-T pacemaker has been tested to withstand an ambient pressure up to 150 kPa [1.5 bar]. These tests have been conducted so that the physician can decide whether or not the patient can have hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a pressure chamber. The above mentioned value corresponds to 5m of diving depth..."

This depth is very disappointing, but better than not being able to dive at all. Shallow coral reefs + lots of photography from now on.



by Tracey_E - 2019-03-01 09:58:09

That is not very much! I wonder if it can't go deeper or it just hasn't been tested deeper? Not saying to push it, more of a rhetorical question. My SJM is tested to 200 feet in saltwater so that's a huge difference. 

Biotronik depth rating.

by tcorbitt - 2019-03-03 23:38:49

I don't think they (biotronik) understand the question.  I asked the same thing when I had the install in May of 2018 and got the same 1.5 bar answer.  I can't imagine that it would have this low of a pressure level.  I think we need to ask them specific questions.  If St Jude has a much higher pressure test, then Biotronik should have at least the same.  If not, I may have the SJM installed tomorrow!!!!

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