Types of pacemakers

I am getting my first pacemaker if a few weeks. Even though i am very active I suffer aflutter and svt and now slow heart rate. Just for extra fun. I also recently started getting high blood presure and vomiting. 

The cardiologist said this is the next step.

 I live in Australia and love SCUBA diving and muay thai. I figure no more sparing but hopping to be able to dive. 

I have read st judes do a model that goes at 7atm. What else should i be asking the cardiologist? 



by Tem - 2019-03-03 04:44:52

If you can get the St Jude it will allow continuing with scuba diving, depending on the nature of your problem, + your cardiologists advice. Diving with a Pacemaker can be a problem when diving with commercial operators. They will no doubt want to see an approval from your specialist. I was not in a position to select after my collapse + was not aware of the differences between the brands. Having been a deep diver for many years I am now restricted to to 5m max because of pacemaker limitations. Good luck + hope it doesn’t cost extra. Mine was all free due to our great Aussie health coverage. No hospital, operation, or pacemaker costs. If only the US public would embrace universal coverage as we did years ago!




by Knun 16 - 2019-03-03 16:33:44

Yes im Australian, i have private insurance as well. Live near bundaberg. What brand do you have. I was planning on getting a letter. Yes our commercial operators are super cautious. I have svt had 5 ablations. Now slow and aflutter. I will be 100% paced. So here is hoping 

What pacemaker?

by AgentX86 - 2019-03-03 21:07:48

You'll likely not get your choice of pacemakers.  Your EP (or whatever you call them) will decide but you need to tell him everything you can about your lifestyle so that he can choose the best for you.  Tell him, in no uncertain terms, that you want to dive and exercise (tell them what you like doing).  There is a difference but the needs have to be known.

Frgot to add...

by AgentX86 - 2019-03-03 21:12:57

A pacemaker isn't going to solve your Aflutter/SVT problems, unfortunately. The PM will take care of the slow heart rate but it can't do anything about tachycardias. I'm in the same boat, with permanent flutter, though I can't usually feel it because I had an AV ablation in addition to the PM implant.  Are they doing anything for your flutter?


by El Gordo - 2019-03-09 23:17:04

I have a Sorin DR rated to 4 atmospheres. I'm just finishing a dive trip in Roatan. 

22 dives, max depth 100'. Awesome!

Contact the manufacturer to find out what the thing is rated for.

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