Weird sensation

I had my PM put in in Oct. They released me to start running in January. Of course I had to start out slow. I get to increase about every 3 weeks I'm only up to a mile and half right now. In the process I've lost about 20lbs since my surgery, it feels like my PM is more evident and it feels like its moved or closer to my arm pit. When I wear my bra it feels like it constantly irritates it. Plus when I run it  is achy feeling and sometimes feels like it pulls. I dont know if I'm not wearing a tight enough sports bra or what. I know if I'm doing a slower pace it's not as bad, but when I kick it up I notice it even more.  I still have pain in my shoulder and cant lay on my left side without crossing my left arm across my chest. It's a weird way to lay and I dont lay that way very often. Does any one else have this type of issue? I hate to go to the doc for something silly. Can these things move if you loose weight?



by Jmiller - 2019-03-05 10:15:48

I don't have your bra issue being a guy, lol but I've had a PM or ICD since 2009.   I have to say it took me about 3 years before I really didn't feel that I had a PM.   The feeling is just always there.   What I found is that every new activity results in some disruption of scar tissue and some feeling that something changed or moved.   I play ice hockey and golf and with all that I've had no issues.   As far as sleeping I'm sill not comfortable sleeping on my left side and like you have to reposition my arm just right if I do.   I'm still uncomfortable where the seat beat rides across it when I drive.   Worth a check next time you have an apointment but I think what your experiencing it normal.   Good luck.

Pacer movement

by hatemypacer - 2019-03-07 23:03:28

My pacemaker had moved several inches down from it's original placement in 2014...right at a pinch point with my arm.  Haven't been able to sleep on my left side since it was put in.  I was told to wear a bra of some sort 24 hrs a day but everything irritated it.  My new cardiologist said he could do a pocket revision surgery but I was afraid to have it done so I just dealt with the uncomfortable feeling but there was a lot of pain as well.  I just had a lead replacement done a week ago and asked the surgeon if he would move it as well - it is closer to the center of my chest now, my bra does not constantly rub and irritate it - it's a whole new world!!  The seatbelt is a problem but will see how it goes as I heal.  

Definitely talk to your doctor about this!!

Weird Sensation

by Cowgirl56 - 2019-04-06 15:02:52

I just saw my cardiologist because I lost 85 lbs & my pacemaker is moving a lot.  It made a 180 degree turn, and irritated the loose pocket.  

He told me to find a good sport compression bra or a portable catch binder to help hold it in place.

He had another patient who refused to make accommodations to his exercise routine & broke a wire twice.

I am going to moderate my exercise & find a good sport compression bra; the binder is uncomfortable.

Has anybody else found a good one?



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