aromatase inhibitor/breast cancer

One of the potential side effects from the aromatase inhibitor I am taking as an adjunct therapy for breast cancer is "heart rhythm" disorders as well as "heart disease" 

And I have a pacemaker.

Does anyone have any experience with AIs having this effect?

It is a discouragement to think that this pill can do further damage (PM 2013 for complete heart block) to my heart, or dont take the pill and have a higher risk of recurrance of the cancer...I would really appreciate your input!




Stopped Arimidex for Breast Cancer

by Flo - 2019-03-06 11:37:48

Hi Carol, I don't  have the experience you are looking for as my heart rhythm problems started three weeks after radiation treatment for breast cancer and before I started taking Arimidex. My oncologist took me off Arimidex after only 32 days as I was having so many problems with the afib, radiation pneumonitis and nerve damage caused from the radiation. I also have a pacemaker now for SSS and the oncologist has no plans to put me back on Arimidex which is of course worrisome. My best to you.

Glass half full

by Gotrhythm - 2019-03-07 17:53:40

I'm sure it's disenheartening to think that the medicine you need for one problem will cause another. However before you let it get to you, consider this:

Even if you don't take the medicine, it's possible, even likely, your arrythmia would get worse anyway. Rhythm problems don't stay the same. I had one when I got my pacemaker. Now I have 5 distinct rhythm diagnoses. That's the bad news.

The good news is, you already have a pacemaker. The possibility of a fatal arrythmia just isn't the problem for you that it would be for someone else. Having a pacemaker means your heart isn't going to stop unexpectedly.

I'm sorry you have cancer. I know it's a lot to deal with. But count your blessings (such as they are.)  Your pacemaker will keep your heart going.

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