Lead Displacement

Hi my mum recently had a pacemaker op in Jan , she went in for her 6week check up and the dr could'nt find a rhythm. So she had to stay in hospital to find out whats wrong . She had an xray done and it turns out that the lead has ended up in a vein in her stomach . My question is , is it normal for a lead displacement to end up in a vein in her stomach ? Its vital that she has the operation soon as at the end of the lead there is a sharp point and because she is on warfrins , a small tear could cause a massive bleed . Im awaiting a call from the drs as im not happy with the results . Im aware that drs are not God and that there is only so much their skills and knowledge can do for them and us , and for that im greatful as i for one could never do their job as good as they do it themselves.Im just wondering if anyone out there has ever been in this situation before ?



by Tracey_E - 2019-03-07 11:14:46

Something isn't right. Could you have misunderstood? If you look at the diagrams on this page which shows how leads are normally run, they don't go anywhere near the stomach.


Leads come loose sometimes, yes. But they don't just wander around the body. Could they have said diaphragm? Sometimes loose leads will stimulate the diaphragm. They aren't actually in the diaphragm or stomach, the signal just irritates it. Either way, it'll need to be fixed and it's an easier surgery than the first one. 

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