Feeling fatigued

Does anyone here also feel like since having their PM fitted, their energy levels are not the same as before surgery? It's been 2 years for me this August since having my PM fitted for vasovagal syncope, and I just flat out feel fatigued easier than before. I still have good days with energy but overall... blah.


Fatigue has many causes

by Gotrhythm - 2019-03-08 13:14:16

Vasovagal is different from the ususal reasons for getting a pacemaker. 

Your heart doesn't need a pacemaker at all most of the time. It maintains your heart rate just fine on it's own, whether you are exercising or resting, asleep or awake. So, most of the time, your pacemaker is not doing anything at all to your heart. Its only function is to keep your heart from going too slow or stopping during a syncopal, or near syncopal episode.

Fatigue is a very common symptom that has a gazillion causes, from lack of sleep to lack of exercise, to poor nutrition, to viral infections, to low blood sugar, to  . . . . You name it.

Getting a pacemaker is a significant event for most people, and it's tempting to date everything from when you got it, but it isn't the cause of everything that happens afterward.

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