pacemaker too low

Hi!  I have a female issue with my pacemaker.  Had it implanted in Feb. of 2017.  Over the months since, it has dropped a bit and is very close to my breast tissue.  My NP has said that it IS a bit lower than usual and that I can have it adjusted, but that means another surgery. I have large breasts, and I think that their weight has played a part in this.  My surgeon didn't take that into consideration, or he would have put the device much higher up. I am not overweight, so losing weight is not a solution. Does anyone else have this problem?  I am getting concerned that it will drop even further and stretch the leads, to say nothing of future mammograms being difficult.  Seems it's always something!



Not to worry...

by Gotrhythm - 2019-03-08 12:49:15

I'm not sure having the pacemaker get close to breats tissue is a big problem. I have a small frame, and my pacemaker takes up most of the space between my collar bone and my breast. There's less than half an inch between the bottom of the pacemaker and the top of the breast. Mammograms have never been a problem.

I've had the pacemaker 8 years now. Whether it has slid down, I can't say--but every thing else has gone south [heavy sigh] so it probably has too. But so far, it's position has never caused any difficulties.

About the leads. Pacemakers are put in with plenty of "play" in the leads to allow the pacemaker to move as you move. Over time your body wraps them in scar tissue, making them very hard to get out even surgically. If your leads haven't pulled out so far, they probably aren't going to.

Me Too!

by Mad heart - 2019-03-09 22:49:55

ELLENMARY, I have somewhat the same problem. The ep was a total hack, he did not put the crt-d under my collar bone. Instead he put the device in my breast tissue, it sits 3 inches from the nipple. I complained of horrible pain and swelling (both breasts were D cup, now left breast is a DDD cup while the right is still a D). He told me to seek “mental help”. How is a psych going to stop the pain and swelling?! This ( breast issues) cannot be ignored by male doctors anymore. They do not take into consideration the sensitivity of the female breast nor the weight that is constantly pulling. By the way, I am 5’2 134lbs. This has been nothing but a nightmare for the last 15 months.

I hope you get your issue resolved in your situation. It is definitely no way to live because of someone’s incompetence.

Adjust Pocket

by Jmiller - 2019-03-10 16:31:25

Sorry, not a women and can't really relate but they just replaced my ICD generator and modified my pocket to lower my ICD.   I think they should be able to easily reposition it.   It would only be a minor procedure.   Good luck.

Pacemaker positioning

by atiras - 2019-03-12 13:24:34

My build is similar (although I am overweight -- 15 years of enforced inactivity before the PM went in will do that)  and my PM (put in last autumn)  has never been close to my collarbone -- consultants and device techs have problems finding it as it's tucked so low (under the top of my breast tissue) and doesn't protrude at all.  However, the mammogram radiologist two weeks ago had no problem finding it through, both by palpitation to make sure it would be comfortable when the mammogram was taken and when she showed it to me on the Xray! (We could read the serial number, which she said isn't unusual).

Short version: I wouldn't worry about mammograms if I were you -- and they always leave enough slack in the leads that there shouldn't be a problem there either.


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