1 week since my CRT-P install. Had my dual lead pacemaker replaced as EP feels it's causing pacemaker induced cardiomyopathy (low 40's EF with some dilation of both ventricles). I was RV pacing about 90% of the time with the dual lead PM. My QRS under RV pacing was real wide above 150 ms ie: ventricle dyssyncrony. The good news so far is that I don't have any symptoms from the cardiomyopathy except for maybe a little abdomen water weight and I still have good exercise tolerance so I feel there's been no significant damage so far.

Anybody out there had this type of cardiomyopathy?  Did CRT-P help you get back to near normal and how long did it take for improvements?   EP said average improvement from the CRT should be a 10 pt bump in EF ie: say 40% to 50%.

ps: I've heard that some can see good results in a few months.


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I am just now 40 but have had these blackouts all my life. I am thrilled with the pacer and would do it all over again.