Are some Pacemakers better than others?  My previous PM was a Medtronic VIVA XT Defib item that was replaced with a Medtronic Claria MRI CRT-D this past Nov 30. The Claria looks to be around 20% smaller than the VIVA XT.  Two weeks prior, I took a pulmonary treadmill stress test - Performing it was a breeze. Today, I couldn't perform that chore. Either the new PM isn't as effective as the old, or the series of ills I suffered in late Dec/early Jan took their toll. (diverticulitis then C-Diff followed by a pneumonia that landed me in the hosp. for a few days.) Can one go downhill that quickly? A positive note: That Holter around my neck comes off in 2 hours!!



There is a 3rd alternative !

by IAN MC - 2019-03-09 14:40:59

Your new PM may not have been adjusted properly to give you optimmum performance !   What did they ( and you ) say after your treadmill test ?


Pacemaker optimization

by Dave H - 2019-03-15 11:42:46

The Doc. who ordered the treadmill stress test didn't provide much info.  He promised this, that, and the other thing -- he was a heart failure "specialist."  Trying to contact him was near impossible so, I dumped him a few days ago. New PM was optimized- via echo - by a talented EP in late Jan. I was told it increased my LVEF by about 20%.


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