Pacemaker / Loop recorder

Can apatient have a pacemaker and a loop recorder at the same time? I have pvcs, pac;s and nsvt. I thought the nightly upload of the Biotronics pacemeaker would showh these problems but it does not. I have had a loop recorder just before the implantation of the pm but it, the loop recorder,  was removed at the time of the implant of the pm. I would really like to know if anyone has both at the same time or can't that be done? It will be June before I see my cardiologist (EP).


Loop recorder

by AgentX86 - 2019-03-10 19:17:37

My question is why you want to know more about your PVCs and PACs?  Your pacemaker should be recording statistics on these, if not the events themselves.  They're generally not considered dangerous unless they get to a fairly high percentage (like 30%). 


Pacemaker/loop recorder

by Rhythmstorm - 2019-03-10 19:55:25

My reasoning is just before the loop recorder and then the pm I had a 2 week holter monitor that came back to the doctor as no unusual activity at all. Then it was found out the imiing on the recorder compared to their and my time was off almost two hours and at thst timie I didn't have any pvcs, etc. Either the company that interpreted the 2 week recording or the techniciam that put the monitoe on wrote down the wrong time which caused no event recording as to what I wrote down in the diary, and I had a very large amount of events happen that didn't show up probably because of the timing issue. I just want the EP to see what I was having, but the recording is erased now and history. Being the pm doesn't record anything under a rate of 170 bpm the interperpreture tech doesn't see the smaller groups of pvcs, pacs or nsvt but a loop recorder would and that is why I wondered if anyone has had both a pm and lr at the same time.


by islandgirl - 2019-03-11 14:26:51

When you see your EP, ask him what parameters the pm is set?  Tell him your concerns with the arrhythmias you are feeling.  I wouldn't think you would not have both a loop and pm.  Discuss wearing another holter.  My EP usually orders for 4 weeks, but he always cancels as he sees enough in a shorter amount of time.  When I"ve worn holters the company has sent my EP alerts and the company will call me to make sure I'm ok, what I'm doing, etc.  Pretty alarming when they call in the middle of the night and my answer is sleepily "I was sleeping" and they ask me to get up and walk around and stay on the phone when I do that activity.  My office EKG is always showing PVCs, commonly a PVC every other beat most of the time.  Mine are coming from many different areas and ablation is continually discussed, questioning the success.  


by JoanneMT - 2019-03-15 21:24:56

I also have homemonitoring of Biotronic.  I have arrythmia which are below 150bpm Biotronic or the pm nurse service do not consider this as alarming.  Nor does the pm (biotronic edora) itself store this as an incident. Maybe not entirely an answer to your question

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