Light headed when resting

I've had my pacemaker 6 weeks and already had 4 adjustments. These last 2 adjustments really kicked my butt. I'm fine if I keep moving but when i rest I get light headed, my legs get weak,  nauseous, and headaches. I also will get a twitch in my left boob and it's not when the pacemaker is kicking in because my heart rate is in the 80s when that happens. I keep getting told it's trial and error But its really taking a toll on me. I never was like this or felt this bad.Is this normal? I got the pacemaker for low heart rate and vasovagal syncope with long pause. I also have SVT.


Vasovagal Syncope is Different

by Gotrhythm - 2019-03-12 16:00:23

The symtoms you complain of may have nothing to do with your pacemaker.

 I hope somebody told you--if not I'm telling you now--a pacemaker doesn't fix VVS. It doesn't even help it. The pacemaker probably won't change how you feel. You can still pass out. You can still feel like you are about to pass out. The only difference is, when your heart rate starts to plummet during a fainting episode, the pacemaker will keep it from going below a set heart rate. You could still pass out, but your heart won't stop.

The pacemaker will also not prevent SVT. A pacemaker only makes your heart go faster. It can't make it go slower. 

A pacemaker can help bradycardia. The pacemaker can take over the job of a part of the heart that's not working properlly..

The symptoms you complain of are pretty typical for VVS. They are also common side effects of drugs given to prevent arrythmias. At you on any drugs for the SVT?

Your condition is complex and it's not really surprising that adjusting your pacemaker isn't a slam dunk. Do be aware that all your pacemaker can do is keep your heart rate from falling too far, and help your heart to speed up appropriately with exercise.

Trying to get the pacemaker to alleviate symptoms that have nothing to do with a pacemaker will only frustrate you and confuse everyone else.

BTW I have bradycardia and VVS. I already had a pacemaker for bradycardia when the VVS was diagnosed.



by lizzi2112 - 2019-03-12 20:18:40

Thank you for your response. I know i still can pass out but just after the pacemaker was put in the light headed symptoms got worse. Like daily basis now and before I only passed out 3 times in my life. I'm not on any medicine for the Svt because before the pacemaker my pulse was to low.

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