Bruising along leads

I know I’m extremely lucky and greatful for my PM, and this is a female vanity question - I exercise/train a lot, which I love, I’m 37, 5ft 4” and 70kg, last couple of months I have a bump showing in my leads, hospital check-up I was told it’s fine but last couple of weeks I’ve got bruising around the bump, does anyone else get this? Sometimes I get swelling but the bruising is new, today it’s really sore so I know it’s not right and will need to rest. I’m guessing its friction thing, as the leads are too close to the skin? my consultant says he can’t do anything about the fact I look like an aliens coming out my chest, hopefully I have another 3 years before my next PM. Any ideas how to stop the swelling and now bruising? What do other people do? Having to keep resting drives me nuts! I always wear great sports bras to keep the PM in place, any other suggestions greatly received, Thanks. 


Something's not right

by Gotrhythm - 2019-03-12 15:10:30

This does not sound right. I have no medical expertise, but it seems to me that if something had happened--like carrying a heavy pack on that shoulder or a blow to that area, you would know it. 

I've reached the age when mystery bruises can show up, but the bruises are always on bady parts that are vulnerable to being knocked against something--it's not hard to guess how I got them. I can think of no reason that one would have bruising around the leads of a pacemaker that's 4 years old. 

You also mentioned swelling. Once the area is fully healed--swelliing is not normal. It sounds like something is going on. If you can't get your doctor to listen to you, sometimes the only thing to do is go somewhere else. It's your well-being that's on the line.

BTW, I also have a small frame, not much padding and thin skin. My pacemaker is clearly visible. But I never have swelling or bruising around it.

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