It will get better

My sympathies for your current pain. I got a pacemaker about 9 months ago.

i had similar pain that you are experiencing. For me, it got better in a week, and significantly better in 3 weeks. I felt well enough to go back to ( driving myself)

your time frame may be different than mine. The main thing is to remember getting a pacemaker these days is very common place.  You should heal up nicely in a few weeks. If pain persists, call your doctor, he may be able to

give you something for the pain. Usually after a few weeks you should be feeling better. It is a surgerical procedure, so don’t be cautious asking your doctor for something for the pain. I love how I feel know.  I bet you will eventually love yours.





by Newbie4444 - 2019-03-12 15:56:33

Thanks for your encouragement! Good to hear

Pain after Pacemaker Procedure

by angkbee58 - 2019-03-12 17:54:41

For me, my experience was painful for a few weeks. I am in my 5th week post pacemaker procedure and all I have now it a bit of tenderness, but not much.

I am finally able to sleep on my left side a little bit every night. That was my favorite side to sleep on before the procedure.

It mostly just feels noticeable now. I was surprised at how much pain I was in after the procedure. It seemed like most people I knew told me that it was barely painful and no big deal.

I thought it was suprisingly painful. I had intense pain for at least 3 weeks. Since I wasn't on blood thinners, I was able to alternate Aleve and Tylenol for pain.

Everyone has a different experience though. Maybe I am a wimp! LOL.

I do know that it gets better each week. I look back at the progress I have made over the last 5 weeks and I am amazed that I am doing so many things.





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