When can i start doing upper body workouts

I had my St. Jude Medical dual lead pacemaker implanted on February 6th of this year. I am now in my 5th week. How long should I wait until I do upper body workout with the circuit training at the gym? I don't use free weights. I use circuit training machines.

I feel good like I am ready. However, I am reading a lot of things on here about waiting 8 weeks.

I don't do heavy weights at all. I just want to firm up my upper body. Prior to getting a pacemaker, I became vegan and lost 50 pounds. With 40 pounds left to go, I am anxious to get started with my workouts.

My incision is coming along fine according to my electrophysiologist. Hardly any pain.

Anyone out there have any advice for me? Thanks.



by Skeet - 2019-03-12 20:06:17

Ask your Dr.

This is what my EP said

by benne81 - 2019-03-13 19:06:25

Have not lifted weights yet will start soon. 8 weeks I could start light weights. untill eight weeks no lifting over 10 lbs to make sure the leads are scared in palce. Now my guidelines are no bench press, if I am working out the chest go light and no long repititions trying not to isolate the chest muscle. And I think if I do overhead movements I will keep them light. She is not concered with leads comming undone but eventually I could have a crushed lead from clavical but shes not worried as my build type is not built for that. For me its not to look like superman with my chest area. Every Dr is different. I would ask before you start any form of physical activity and get the Drs approval.


by lgersib - 2019-03-17 19:36:06

I was told not to raise my arm above my shoulder for 4 weeks.  After that time I went back to lifting, free weights and machines, with no restrictions.  I reduced the weight for a few weeks, but otherwise forget the pacemaker is there.

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