Stress Test need some advice.

Hello, it has been a while my current pacer setting is 60/145 just saw my cardiologist on Monday, he wants me to have a stress test to see how high I can get my heart rate up, so they know what to adjust the upper rate at. This is what I want so I can start doing more intense exercise and start lifting light weights. I am only 27 and I am active but I have not pushed myself since I started to feel off after I became pacer dependant. For a little while my own heart rythm came back but since then I have been dependent. I have one scheduled for this coming Wednesday. I see my EP on Monday for my pacer checkup after they did an emergency upper limit increase from 130 to 145 back in December. My stress test is two days after. How is your experience with stress tests when they want to use one to help aid in the adjust the upper limit. I had one stress test last June but was only to see where I was at after my mitral valve repair to qualify for Cardiac rehab which I did not need as I was diong everything on my own and my cardiologist felt I wouldn't need rehab anyways.

Also do any of you experiance a slight sense of being off balance when walking on rare occasions for a short amount of time?. 

Also would my EP want to raise my upper limit beforehand? My Cardiologist says I should be able to get my HR up to the 170's max based off of the age algorythm thing not that I would need it at that as my Heart rate could still be giong up overtime he says. 


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Today I explained everything to my doctor, he set my lower rate back to 80 and I felt an immediate improvement.