Dizziness and feeling faint

Hi folks. Just a quick query. Had my PM since Feb 2017 for type 2 second degree heart block. All been good until recently when I've been having frequent episodes of dizziness and feeling faint and completely exhausted. Anyone else experienced this? It's starting to worry me if I'm honest but don't want to bother GP etc if this is just par for the course.


My atrial lead voltage was low.

by marylandpm - 2019-03-14 21:27:51

  In the last few months I felt myself going downhill. I had been going to a regular cardiologist for my Pacemaker checks. I got a appointment with a EP and when he did a EKG he discovered that my atrial was not being paced. I was 100% paced in the atrial before.  He thought my lead was broken but he was able to up the voltage so it was working. So now I feel much better.  I will sending remote reports to the EP on a regular bases. 


Send a remote check to your EP

by barnet38 - 2019-03-16 07:38:18

I have CCHB and have been paced since I was 17, currently on PM #3 with original leads.  In July, I also started experiencing dizziness, so I sent a remote check to my EP’s office.  Everything checked out fine, although the impedance level on one of the leads had risen a little.  My EP’s advice was to go about my normal activities and let them know if I continued to experience dizziness or if symptoms worsened.  A week or two later, I went to the gym for my daily workout and got really dizzy during my warm up.  My FitBit and a quick self check showed that my pulse was in the low 40s.  I sent a quick remote check to my EP and the impedence level of my lead had skyrocketed... it wasn’t transmitting the electrical signal to my heart.  The doctors were able to get the lead to work in unipolar mode, so I didn’t need to have surgery.  Hopefully your doctor can adjust settings On your device as a quick and easy fix to help you feel better soon!

Don't wait

by shirley d - 2019-03-17 08:19:58

If your cell phone was giving you intermittent problems you wouldn't hesitate to contact the provider! 

Get your appointment ASAP.

This may be an easy fix.

Go well!

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