Surgery tomorrow

I’m going to have a pacemaker installed tomorrow and am nervous about the whole thing. Any thoughts from someone who has recently had it done?



It Was Easy for Me

by Swangirl - 2019-03-14 22:53:55

There's a whole lot of people in surgery and very busy.  They all have jobs to do and are very experienced and accomplished so trust you are in good hands.  This is the Cath Lab remember and they will be using a monitor to place the leads which is probably the trickiest part.  I was given Fentenl  which just made me drowsy.  I was awake the whole time but spaced out and in no pain.  I did feel some pushing and probing.  Mine took about 90 minutes.  They have the portable x-ray people come right away to confirm where the leads are and to insure no veins or lungs got punctured.  

The pacemaker rep who is in surgery came to my room later to answer questions. I was prepared to stay over but my cardiologist discharged me that evening.  The most surprising thing for me is how much better I felt almost immediately after surgery.  I had an almost complete heart block and didn't realize how tired and sluggish my normal was until it wasn't anymore.  Even after surgery I had good energy and a sense of well being.  

It's very important to not get an infection at the wound site and it's critical that you don't raise your arm on the affected side and dislodge your leads.  I was allowed to drive and walk and do light cooking and housework the next day. 

I figured out how to take a shower and wash my hair without getting the patch wet.  I cut a piece of plastic and secured it over the patch with water proof first aid tape.  Then I used a hand held shower and was very careful.  I saw the doctor again in a week and he took it off.  I also saw the pacemaker rep who made some adjustments.

I wish you the best.  I hope it goes well for you. 

It will be ok

by Firechick1341 - 2019-03-14 23:05:56

I had my pacemaker surgery last Friday. It was done in the EP lab. Lots of people hooking you up to monitors. I was under conscious sedation for the whole thing. Pain was not great after the numbing stuff wore off. My advice is to ask any questions you have or clarification on anything, even if you think it is silly. You will do great! 

No Worries

by Jmiller - 2019-03-15 00:37:45

You will find it's not a big deal.   You will go in for the procedure and wake up with it done.   I've had 3 PM's/ICDs, lead changes and all was good.   The only thing is to listen to the doctors and allow it all to heal as they direct.   Wonderful devices.

Good Luck, let us know how it goes.

Painful after

by Newbie4444 - 2019-03-15 14:58:05

just had my first one implanted last Friday. Not to alarm you, but I wish I had been forewarned of the pain. I got mine placed under the muscle, closer toward my armpit and I am a female so some say all these reasons are why it’s more painful. I was on Percocet for 5 days post op. By the 6th day I felt a significant improvement and here I am 1 week later and I can manage to shower, dress, and take care of myself again- woohoo! Still a little pain, but only When moving my arm. The surgery itself was nothing - I was soo scared before, but then they knocked me out and it was great


by Jmiller - 2019-03-15 21:10:52

Yeah under the muscle for sure hurts more.   The result will be better though, you won't have that big lump under your skin.  Hope you heal fast.

First timer too

by RedRocksGirl - 2019-03-17 17:08:32

I just had my first ICD put in 3 months ago. I’m very laid back and low anxiety person but pretty much was freaked out about the whole thing. That being said the next morning after the procedure I felt like a completely new person. My symptoms were completely gone: no more coughing, no more fluid in my lungs, no more shortness of breath, no more feeling Every. Single. Heartbeat. It was heaven. Mine was sub pectoral too, kinda below my armpit. While I am still having some pain there, it’s random and not constant and I’m anticipating it will go away eventually. I haven’t felt this good since I developed heart failure 2 1/2 years ago. I think once your procedure is done you’ll feel a big sense of relief just that that part is over! Best of luck to you! :)

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