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Hello all

Have redone echo and 24hr holter 2 months post pacemaker and my LVEF still no change. I was cleared before these results to go back to CrossFit and gym. However the cardiologist still didn’t recommend weights even though I did explain what CrossFit was. Anyone who has gone back to exercise including weights?? What sort of limitations did you find?? Were you given any indication on max weights aside from if it hurts don’t do it?? I am doing more interval training with lower weights now but would like to go back to slightly higher weights. But as my results haven’t improved I am cautious. (At least they haven’t gotten any worse 😬😬)

Thank you for any feed back in advance. 




by paula3166 - 2019-03-15 12:20:28

How long before they cleared you to work out? I will be having surgery in the next few weeks to have mine implanted wondered how long we have to refrain from exercise.


by Vivianne - 2019-03-15 17:43:59

Surgery was 29/11/18 and I was cleared February 2019 around 8-9 weeks. But you can do basics like walking as you start to feel better. Everyone is different, and everyone has a pacemaker for different reasons. I felt fine before surgery and had little to no symptoms, they found out by sheer coincidence that I have DCM and needed a pacemaker. Felt fine after a week or so and then just had to get use to the pm which felt like a brick in my armpit. As the swelling reduced and time went by I was feeling better and was able to do more. Even though I was cleared to return I still am cautious with weights. 


by Tracey_E - 2019-03-17 17:39:36

Some are told not to go too heavy overhead or to avoid the pull up bar but most of us have no restrictions. I've been doing CF for 8 years and don't hold back at all. Unless it's placed so that you might hit it or put pressure on it when holding the bar in front rack, the pacer shouldn't cause any problems now that you've healed. The underlying reason why you have it and low EF may mean other restrictions, talk to your doctor. Instead of asking about CF specifically, ask if it's ok to do a 30-40 min very strenuous workout, if it's ok to get your rate up and keep it up for that long. 


by lgersib - 2019-03-17 19:30:04

erI was told not to raise my arm above my shoulder for 4 weeks.  After that time I went back to lifting, free weights and machines, with no restrictions.  I reduced the weight for a few weeks, but otherwise forget the pacemaker is there.




by Winchester - 2019-03-30 23:24:10

what is CF?

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