Pacemaker "overheating" reduced pacing rate

I had my pacemaker implant on 01.30.19 I have had a positive recovery until this weekend; following a brisk walk the pacemaker and area around the PM were warm to the touch and the heat only subsided later that day. Saw the pacemaker team today and they felt the unit was overworking as my natural heart rhythm has improved. Thay reduced my right atrium pace from 100% (70bpm) to a lower amount (they didn't say how much!) I'm now feeling quite lethargic and more breathless. Has anyone else had a similar experience to this, any advice would be welcome :-) 


what BS

by ROBO Pop - 2019-03-25 19:22:11

You were fed a line of crap...

Think about this, I am paced 100% in both ventricles at 80bpm, and never has my device over heated nor has the radiator boiled over. If it feels hot over your device it's likely an infection

Warm PM & environs

by donr - 2019-03-25 19:48:46

I wrote too much - POP beat me to the punch while I was -2-finger-hunt-&-pecking.

Popo also shows that active voice gets to the point - you have indeed been fed a line of crap!

Something doesn't come through correctly.  You say the PM was placed roughly 60 days ago.  Is the soreness gone yet?  Does it geyt warm under any other conditions?  Looking at the situation just from the mass of material to be heated so you can feel it, it would take a pretty fair amount of energy from the battery.  There is a fair amount of titanium , battery material & solid state electronics in there to heat up.  Also the body id as prettrty decent heat sink, just chock full of water, so it takes afair ampount of ebergy to start heating that all up - meanwhile, it is trying o get rid of the heat.  You didn't say how brisk the walk wad - did you break into a sweat?  If so that could cause the loocal tissue to get hot /warm to the touch just due to the fact that you has an injury there & sensitive tissues.  They could easily get "Feverish" just from the excess blood being pumped to the spoit to aid in healing.  Nor unusual - after all, any wound/injury can swell or get puffy for a while  after occurrence.  There is more to the injury you sustained than the scar - they cut a pocket for the PM to sit in; they mucked around w/ the vein where the leads enter the vaxcular system.  All that will be a bit tender for a while

As to the PM being "Overworked" - don't bet on it. The Pm is designed to operate 24/7 for as much as ten years monitoring the heart & sending pulseds to it to make it beat if necessary. You say it was working 100% of the time - It only does that IF NECESSARY.  It monitors the heart & provides a beat signal every time it thinks the heart is going to miss a beat or be late,  Thay cannot affect how often it provides beats.  (Well, they can, by reducing the sensitivityof the PM to the voltage the heart generates to cause a beat.  But they cannot control precisely what rate will ensue.)  They can control the BASE RATE for the heart - that's the  70 beats per minute you mentioned. They merely set the PM to time the interval between beats such that it will not go below 70 beats in any minute.  But they definitely cannot control the % of the time it will  intervene & cause a beat.

Sounds like someoe is taking advantage of you & blowing smoke in your face to explain something they donot understand.

Bottom line - IF the problem is REALLY an overheating PM, you have a definite tech/operational problem there that must be tracked down.







by Tracey_E - 2019-03-26 09:20:15

Don and Robo are right on. They do not overheat, they are intended to work 24/7 for years. If it is, someething is seriously wrong with the device. I'd be more worried about infection. If there is any chance at all of infection, it needs to be taken seriouslu and treated aggressively. 

What everybody above said

by Grateful Heart - 2019-03-27 18:13:36

I also am paced at 70 bpm....for the past 10 years.  I've had a lot of weird things happen....but overheating is not one of them.

If you felt good at 70 bpm, have them set it's not overheating.

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