re-pacemaker after surguer

had procedure done one month ago still feeling not great with a stomach problem feeling  upsetsmall cuo of ginger ale and it settles down how long should this last doctorsays all looks well and lungs and heart sound fine says maybe it is i am de-hydrated drinking much more wate rso far not really helping but will see because this is an awfull side effect since procedure  thanks fo r all of nice folks on this site i can reach out to    robert   arizona



by Xxxxx - 2019-03-28 01:15:25

Nibble on some Candied Ginger.  I carry a piece of Candied Ginger in a baggie in my handbag.

Water with fresh lemon also helps.

Right now I have some some stomach flu bug, I am sipping homemade  Gingerbeer ( not alxoholic) and I am nibbling on ginger.  Hopefully this bug will pass soon.

stomach issue

by SamanthaS - 2019-03-28 13:06:58

Hi - 12 hours after I had the PM placed, I began having stomach issues.  Felt like a bubble, not nausea.  Ended up in ER where they diagnosed GERD.  Treated for that but the feeling continued.  Long story short, constantly felt full and lost 8 pounds and then ended up 8 weeks later with lead revision and next day pericardiocentesis.  9 weeks after that, still having the bubble as well as chest/back pain, had MRI - pericarditis!  Treated with colcrys and Motrin.  Feeling much better and finally, the bubble is gone!  If your tummy doesn't settle down, keep after your EP - have an ECHO and don't let them tell you it's nothing, because if it doesn't get better, it might be something.

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