Feeling restless

Hi everyone,

Really pleased I found this forum. Would be grateful for any help. 

I have had a dual lead ICD fitted for the last 15 years and two ablations for AF and SVT. For the most part I have coped well and not had any problems. Over the past past few weeks though I have been feeling distinct malaise - restless, sweating, insomnia. In short I just can’t relax which is leaving me in a misery.

i recently has a regular echo and my cardiologist checked over my ICD and said everything was fine. I have RBBB, a slightly low EF (45-50%) and slightly enlarged left ventricle. I’m also getting occasional PACs.

i have started to take citalopram as my doc thinks it could be anxiety. At the same time I have a slightly overactive thyroid. What a mess!

Has anyone out there suffered similar symptoms? Does it sound like a rhythm problem?  Would changing the settings on the ICD be a possible solution? My resting HR is set at 60 at the moment, and I am mostly at this rate when resting during the day. But when I wake in the middle of the night to strong palpitations it is typically running around 70. Not sure why that is. I remain in sinus rhythm.




Welcome Back

by Xxxxx - 2019-03-28 12:12:18

I see you live in the UK so your health care system is different vs the U.S.A.'s system. Which means my comments probably do not fit your needs.

It is Spring and a time of change.  

In my experience the medical doctors who are not trained in Electrophysiologist do not have a clue about my condition or treatment.  I had a cardiologist, who did not read my chart, declare I did not need a CRT-D.  He also stated my cardiac condition is nothing, millions of people have the same thing.  The facts are I had a Sudden Cardiac Arrest  and battled to stay alive for most of a Summer.  About 5% survival rate from SCA, most of the survivor's of the initial SCA die within 12 months.  Anyway I never returned to that cardiologist.  My General practioners have absolutely zero idea about my CRT-D but the want to advise me and order all types of tests and lab work. The only thing my former EP & current EP both agree I do not need any of the usual cardiac lab work-up.

If possible have your implant physician check your device.

Have you had a Sleep Study? Sleep Apnea is very common and it does cause symptoms like you describe.





Sleep apnea

by marylandpm - 2019-03-29 18:37:34

The way I found out I had sleep Apnea was using a voice activated tape recorder next to my bed. When I played it back in the morning I was shocked at how I was grasping for air. I told my doctor and she set up a sleep study.


by Tracey_E - 2019-03-30 11:46:17

Thyroid can affect heart rate. I would want that under control first, then look at the heart again. 

Slightly low EF is something to keep an eye on but not worry about. 

There are many anxiety treatments that don't involve medication.  

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