Upper heart rate too fast after AV node ablation

I have just had an AV node ablation a couple of days ago.  The pacemaker was implanted 6 weeks ago.  The lower rate is set to 80bpm which is not too comfortable as my own rate was low 60's. But my problem is that if I do anything remotely active my pulse shoots up to 140 or more.  What is going on?  I am scared to move.  I have phoned hospital, but will have to wait over the weekend.   Can anyone advise please?


Heart rate normal at rest?

by Gotrhythm - 2019-03-30 17:55:30

I don't have any experience with A-V node ablation, so I don't have any thoughts about what may be going on. However, since I do have episodes of tachycardia and I always seem to get any symptoms on the weekend, I have a lot of experience deciding whether it's worthwhile going to the hospital when the pacemaker technitians I need probably won't be there.

Here's my opinion for what it's worth. Although I'm sure a heart rate of 140 is uncomfortable if you're not used to it, I wouldn't assume it was time to push the panic button--as long as the heart rate returns to normal at rest. After all, many athletes get their hr up to 140 and keep it there for 20 minutes, without doing any harm. Hearts are designed to be able to speed up, so just by itself, a heart rate of 140 isn't dangerous.

The way I figure it is, even if my heart rate goes wild, if it returns to normal at rest, by the time I've sat in a waiting room for an hour or two, it's going to be normal. So the ER staff is going to look at me funny and send me home, telling me to see my doctor on Monday. And charge me $$$$.


I can remain calm, let it return to normal while sitting in comfort at home, see the doctor on Monday, and save a bunch of aggravation and $$$. 



Heart too fast

by AgentX86 - 2019-03-30 23:39:33

It's normal to have the lower number set to 80bpm after an AV ablation.  I believe it's necessary, in fact.  At your next appointment, in a onth. they'll probably set it back to 70 and then after a few months back to 60bpm.  I started having bigeminal PVCs at 70bpm, so the cranked it back up to 80, where it is today.  You're right, it doesn't feel good, when your "normal" is in the 40s or 50s.  After a year, it still doesn't.

A far as an exercise rate of 140, you have the opposite problem that I've had.  Mine doesn't respond fast enough.  It seems your rate response is set way too aggressively.  You should be able to get that taken care of pretty quick.  Call your device clinic.  They can probably get you in fairly quickly.  If you get it up there again, I'd push the button on the remote monitor to send them a recording of the PM's status while this is happening.  They won't have to take your word for the tachycardia.  It'll give them a clue about what's happening, too.


PM rate too high after av node ablation

by Theresa52 - 2019-03-31 05:01:17

Thank you both for your comments.  I think you are right Agent X, I was told that the lower rate has to be set at 80/90 for a few weeks  to prevent problems with a fast ventricular rate.  I am still getting PVC's with a rate of 80.  But I think my upper rate is responding far too rapidly to movement.  For instance I can walk very slowly and it remains at 80, but when I bent down to pick up a book it shot up to 130 immediately.    I hope I can get an appointment quickly as this is a nightmare. Unfortunately, most people here in the UK are not given the home monitor you mention, so I can't send them a reading, but I will try to save it on a free app I have on my phone.

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