Anyone experience Problems with lead displacement

I had intermittent bradycardia into the 20’s with dizziness went to the ER 3/18.  Had a PM placed 3/20.  Came home and still had the dizzy spells.  Went for my wound check, they interrogated PM, sent me for a chest X-ray and BOTH leads had moved.  Had a lead revision 3/27 and felt great- for 3 days, now having the dizzy spells again and feel the same  as last week.  Has anyone had multiple lead movements?  Do I return to same EP doc?  Please I need advice.  FYI I haven’t moved my left arm either have kept it in a sling since 3/20.


I would get another opinion

by Tracey_E - 2019-03-31 22:44:37

It's possible your heart muscle doesn't like the type of lead they used, or that your heart is shaped so that it's hard to place the leads. It's also possible that it's the surgeon. I would not let the same surgeon operate on me 3 times, YMMV.

Keeping your arm in the sling is not the answer. As you've learned, they can move even if we don't use the arm, and using the sling leads to frozen shoulder. Usually we are told to use the arm normally, just don't raise it overhead or lift anything heavy. 


by ROBO Pop - 2019-04-01 23:56:48

My garage performed the same 'repair ' 4 times and still the clutch doesn't work right. Guess it's time I find a new garage

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