Medtronic A3DR01 Pacing Modes

I am an active 63 year old male who has had a Medtronic A3DR01 since December 2017 due to third degree heart block.  I was initially set in MVP mode and was pacing the left ventrical at around 30-35% of the time.  After about 1 year I was told that I was missing ventricular beats and was reset to DDD mode with a 0.250 second lag.  I am now pacing at about 80% of the time.  My reading tells me that it is best to minimize left ventricle pacing, so this makes me uncomfortable.  Has anyone had this experience?  Should I ask to go back to MVP?  I did not notice the missed beats when in MVP.  Thanks.


Medtronics Recall

by KonaLawrence - 2019-04-03 19:34:34

Aloha Bob Richards,
I'm 70 and got my PM in Dec 2017 too.  I can't say if having MVP on or off is better for your specific situation.  I had it on initially for SSS and intermittant left bundle branch block.  Plus I have Afib but a PM doesn't really help with that.  You are right that ventricular pacing is to be avoided, if possible.  Most likely they turned off MVP to try to decrease it.  When you go in for an "Interrogation" of your device I think it's good to ask for and get a copy of the report.  Then you can learn your own data.  The manual for your PM is available from Medtronics
I think it's best to learn about your device, your data and to understand the options available to the techs in adjusting your device.  If you want something changed, because it's negatively affecting your quality of life, they will agree to an interrogation and make changes.  By default they schedule an appointment once a year, but you can get them every 30-60 days if you feel like you need them.  

While I'm talking about Medtronics PMs.  There is a Recall out for some Medtronics PMs.  You can read about it here and find out if your device is included.  (Mine was and I've had it reprogramed).

Good luck,

Medtronic A3DR01 Pacing Modes

by bobrichards55 - 2019-04-04 10:34:07

Thanks for your input Lawrence.  I actually meant right ventricle in my original post, I have a two lead PM.  Yes, I have checked on recalls, I currently do not have any, as well as browsing the manual which is very complex.

I have had PM checks every 6 months, but I am considering moving up the next one in order to get this setting thing sorted out.

Thanks again, your info is much appreciated.



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