Did your CRT-D improve your health

My EP is going to try, for the third time, to get my third wire in place in my CRT-D. I am hoping that the third time is a charm and it will work this time.

For those of you with a CRT-P or CRT-D, did your numbers improve, or did you feel better? Just hoping all of this is worth it.






by AgentX86 - 2019-04-06 23:36:40

You might look in the archives here but several have reported large improvements and a few haven't had improvement.  The improvement depends on how damaged the heart is.  In my case, they went directly to a CRT-P (two ventricle leads only) to prevent cardiomyopathy in the first place.


by adalongworth - 2019-04-07 10:52:47

I've h.ad a CRT-D since 2015 after two dfual chamber pacemakers between 2005 and 2015.  Up to 2003 I had raced regularly winning in 2001 for the last time, riding the Paris - Brest in 1999.  

Two days after implanation of the pacemaker in 2005 I went on my Club Run of over 100 miles without distress but with the euforia that I got from cycling.  There had been no mention of primary settings and my device was st at 40 - 150 bpm.  From then to the replacement in 2012 I was riding vets sessions at the Velodrome, club an training runs and requesting that my upper ;limit be increased, eventually to 180 bpm.  Highest monitor reading 179 bpm.

The trouble started with the replacement in 2012.  It was put in with primary settings (factory settings) and I had to pay (I'm NHS) to get my device 'operationalised'.  No one mentioned either 'primary settings' or 'operationalisation'.

Deterioration continued until I qualified for the CRT pacemaker.  No advice was given as to which CRT device and at the time I knew nothing of the difference but to the delight of my cardiologist I chose CRT-D

From then on the little I was doing was undermined until I can walk no further without extreme distress than to my GP.  However, in a letter from my cardiologist I'm told that  the functioning of my heart has improved dramatically.  He says the pumping function of my LV is only 'mildly impaired' which is a great result and goes on to say 'The huge disappointment is that it has not been matched with an improvement in your syptoms'!

Improvement for me

by RedRocksGirl - 2019-04-07 13:01:19

I had my first dual chamber, 3 lead ICD put in January 17 (diagnosed with heart failure 2 1/2 years ago). My ejection fraction has improved in the first two months and the morning after the procedure my four main symptoms were completely gone. No more fluid in my lung, no shortness of breath, no constant chronic cough, and best of all I no longer felt EVERY SINGLE jumbled uncomfortable struggling heartbeat. It was wonderful. My cardiologist expects ejection fraction to continue to show even more improvement. It took my EP over 2 hours just to get that lead in, he said it was the most difficult one he’s ever done. I’m eternally grateful for his patience and persistence in getting it in.  Best of luck to you!


by lefty2 - 2019-04-08 12:21:49

Thanks you for your comments. I am almost looking forward to the procedure if it helps me.




by Apr'19-CRT-D - 2019-04-15 11:47:27

I just had my CRT-D implanted 10 days ago ! , My ejection fraction was about 50 percent 5 years ago, and fell to a whopping 20 percent in February 2019. I was fortunate the cardiologist was able to get all 3 wires where he wanted them, the difficult one is the lead that is fed through the cororonary sinus and into the epicardial venous system on the left side of the heart. I have LBBB, so with this device I should have proper biventricular pacing, and all the literature suggests significant improvement with the device. I will have a follow up echo in about 4 months, and that should indicate whether or not my ejection fraction is improving, as I can't really afford for it  to get any worst ! Hopefully the third time will be the charm for you!

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