What is happening???

I had my first ICD placed sub pectorally in January and am having horrible sharp (like I’m being stabbed with a metal skewer!) below the ICD and it feels like where the extra length of leads are coiled. I can also feel things moving over/across each other. It’s awful! This morning I could feel something shifting, extremely painfully, when I leaned over to pick something up off the floor. I went to the EP on Friday and he sent me to get an ultrasound to make sure there’s not a blood clot but what I’m feeling is substantial physical movement. Anyone else experienced anything like this?



by lefty2 - 2019-04-08 11:36:26

Hopefully your Ultrasound will also detect whether or not your wires got loose or are not placed properly. I remember after I had my ICD implanted, they took an x-ray to make sure everything is in place.  Perhaps ask your EP about a possible x-ray if the ultrasound will not pick up wire placements.

It's migrating....

by RedRocksGirl - 2019-04-09 01:44:59

Thanks, lefty2. Found out there's no blood clot but the EP is pretty positive that the suture that holds it in place tore/broke and now the device is migrating and moving around. I get an x-ray tomorrow morning to confirm that its moved since January and am scheduled Friday for surgery to have him secure it back in again. I'm bummed about having to go through first 4 weeks post-op again. Since I walk with crutches and use those pec muscles I have to get around on a stool on wheels in my house or a wheel chair so I'm not putting weight on my crutches. ugh. We're wondering if using those muscle all the time is what caused it to come undone.

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