Pain & Sensations post PM

Hello, I am 49 and 4 day post PM surgery, this is my first PM for 2nd degree heart block. I am having a dull achey raw feeling in my esophageal area under my breast bone. I am also having fluid rentension in my hands, abdomen, and face. I also have these phantom pops in my boob?!?! They feel similar to a knuckle pop, they are not audible and only felt internally. Has anyone else experienced any of this? 


phantom pops

by RedRocksGirl - 2019-04-07 20:28:38

I just got my first ICD in January. I'm not sure if what I'm experiencing is the same as your "phantom pops" but when I'm laying on my back at night and sometimes on my left side, although I can't lay on that side for very long, I have what I describe as a "tapping" kind of along the bottom of my breast, where it transitions into the rib cage. Sometimes it even has kind of a pattern to the tapping. They told me they think its the electrodes along the leads in the heart casuing what they referred to as a hiccup. Almost feels like a quick little muscle spasm.  She switched the electrode pattern so see if it would stop but it hasn't.

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