Replacement PM not the answer?

Here's the scenario: Altho I had a painful Illiotibial Band issue, I performed well on a Pulmonary Function Stress Test on a treadmill on Nov. 15, 2018.  Heart Failure Cardiologist didn't offer much info about the PFST to me afterward. I wasn't doing much for daily exercise during this period.  On Dec. 18, my Sports Medicine Doc - using a portable Echo device - spotted the area of my ITB and treated it successfully w/a cortizone injection. ( I could walk normally again!!)  Then on Dec 21 Divericulitis erupted.  Treated w/Amoxicillian.  Dec. 29 a C-Diff infection poped up.  Treated with vancomycin.  A week later, a pneumonia event put me in the Hospital for 3 days. (Phew!)  Then on Feb 12, I had a PM optimization where the Doc claimed he raised my LVEF from 20% to 35%+.  Problem is..................I can't perform daily exercise at the level I was able to do prior to mid November.  Previously, I could treadmill and walk 4+ miles daily.  Now that number is a huffin' and puffin' 2 to 2.5 miles. Sometimes walking on a flat surface tuckers me out after a few minutes. the answer those illinesses took their toll on my heart, OR is the new Medtronic PM not doing its job?  I brought this up to my EP in Mid-Jan. and he brushed off the idea.  I see him in clinic in a week, and I'll broach this subject again.

Whatcha all think?



response from your EP

by malysc - 2019-05-13 12:34:20

So, Dave what was the response from your EP.  Do you have different EP now?

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