Hopefully two times is a charm

I had my first ICD placed in mid January (sub pectorally) and had been having so much pain around the device. It seemed like it and the lead coils were moving around and rubbing across and against things.  Found out Monday, then confirmed Tuesday with an x-ray that the suture holding it in place was most likely broken and the ICD was moving all around my left chest.

I'm going in tomorrow morning to have them retrieve it and try and anchor it back in. Crossing my fingers that the leads are still ok.

I'm a little nervous, although not as much as the first time, but not looking forward to having to do the first 3 months of recovery all over again, and AM totally stressed that if the suture didnt hold for even 3 months how will it hold for another 8-9 years when the battery needs to be replaced?

I'm 56 (as of today), and very active, and also a leg amputee so walk with forearm crutches. We think that because of that, since each step I take with the crutches I use my pec muslces its what casued the suture to break.

Anyone else with expericence of broken sutures?


good luck today

by Tracey_E - 2019-04-12 09:55:02

Good luck with your surgery!!!! 

The crutches causing it to break are a good guess. Once it heals and scar tissue builds up, it should stay in place so once you get past that hurdle you shouldn't need to worry about the rest of the next 10 years. 


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