Cyclist Bradycardia/Tachycardia and working out symptoms

FIt, 63, active.  Got a Medtronic pacemaker iOctober 31, 2018 for bradycardia, low heart rate around 40, have been a runner up to half marathons and always did some resistance and yoga.  Docs always thought low rate and low blood pressure was good and was because I was active.  Switched to cycling due to back issues about 18 mos prior to pacer procedure.   Had a syncope episode, in October, was monitored and had another one resulting in the decision to do the pacer.

My sister got a pacer at 58, also very active, Mayo told her it can be hereditary.

Not related to cycling, sometimes feel fuzzy and a little tired, this occurs weeks and or a month apart.  It does not coincide with exercise or exertion although it can last for a day or two and through exercise/cycling.  Not fainting.

They haven’t figured that out yet, saw a neuro also, scan was good.  Now I am getting SVT’s and Tachycardia.  Doc said high rate exceeding 140, I told him I used to get up to 170 when running.  My low rate is set at 50.

Seeing doc Monday, he said may start meds for Tachy.  This is confusing and I want to get to the bottom of the feeling fuzzy at the the top of my head and not 100%.   He didn’t mention pacer adjustments as an option but I’m going to ask.  The doc says my symptoms are not pacer related.

Not crazy about getting on meds either.  I do and am training to do long century rides, gravel and road with climbing.  Have events coming up, one at altitude in Colorado this summer.  The syncope started before I got into more difficult training and I just did a gravel century last week.  Trying to get more, better information for good decisions.  Anyone with a similar experience or suggestions I’d appreciate it.  Do adjustments help with feeling fuzzy, not quite light headed or almost like you’re in motion when you’re not?







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by crustyg - 2019-06-21 05:23:20

Not sure if you got any answers to your post - but adjustments do help!

Hope all is ok.

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