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Hello, I am new to this site. Love all the positive and uplifting spirits here. We have all been through our share of health problems and I myself looking forward to a fuller productive life. I enjoy gardening and outside activities , cooking out ,fishing ECT. Have been blessed with 9 grandkids and enjoy being active in their lives. I haven't been able to enjoy any of this in 2 yrs due to afib , alot of my days was in hospital. Due to low blood pressure was unable to take any of the multiple meds they tried me on. So now I have a new best friend . I had my pc done march 15th. 4 weeks into healing. Everything is going great. Awsome to have a normal ❤ rate, it doesn't stop my afib but I don't know while it's going on, which before it was everyday and very symptomatic , er trips constantly. So happy I have been no er trips. My energy is low but better with everyday. I don't have to be afraid to be excited or happy, my afib doesn't effect me now. Retraining my brain from the afib fear is the hardest I think. I am comfortable knowing I have the st.judes Merlin@home transmitter. My new best friend is a st.judes duo . with ablation to av node. I do have some issues with numbness under my left arm and fingers, pain in my collar bone and left shoulder, it seems to be getting alittle better but not to much. During my pm surgery I came out with a collasped lung. Something that I was told rarely happens , but yep it happens, over the first night I started a cough that wouldn't stop and oxygen started dropping was down to 79 , here comes doctors and nurses with taking xrays and putting a tube in my left rib to my lung. Ouch that was the worse pain ever in my life, then 2 days later they said the tube had to be moved up a Little. Yep here they go again and by this time I couldn't take anymore pain and not being able to breath. Deep breaths would hurt because of the tube pressing against it. Well this time I felt a sharp stabbing pain in the middle of my Chest and shooting all the way around my lung, I was screaming. Did exrays said everything looked fine and tube was in place. I had surgery on Friday afternoon here it is Monday ok come Wensday still not much better, here comes specialist taking tube out of rib and putting one in my chest. I was beyond fear. She assured me I wouldn't feel it and she did it using a imaging scan being off my blood thinners for 5 days She was able to numb me and I never felt a thing. Thank god. 2 days later the following Friday I was able to come home. What a true blessing that doctor was. I never want to experience that again. 7 days was way to long to be miserable. Pm surgery I can deal with the pain and soreness getting better and is expected , but the lung wow what a set back. Has anyone else had this happen or am I the only rare one for a collapsed lung? So looking forward to my full life and complete healing. 







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