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Had pacemaker installed March 18th 2019. I would like to get back to pilates when I have recovered from the implant, but I am very concerned about dislodging the wires as there is a lot of lengthening and stretching with this activity. Has anyone returned to this activity after implant.




Pilates yes

by Gotrhythm - 2019-04-15 15:03:10

I returned to my Pilates exercises post pacemaker. No problem.

Do not worry about dislodging leads. It's not going to happen. The leads are put in with a certain amount of slack and at this point your body had sealed them in place with scar tissue. No amount of arm movement is going to pull them out.

If you've been doing Pilates for a while, you understand just how strenuous the exercises really are, so start with just a few repetitions. You will probably feel tightness through your arm, clest and shoulder. That's not a sign sometime is wrong. It's just the scar tissue that needs to be strectched.

Perform the execises as you always should--with awareness. Let your body tell you how much is enough. In no time you'll be back to your old routine.

by Finn - 2019-04-18 22:00:51

Hi, I’m a caddie, my first pacemaker and two leads I waited 6 weeks.

the replacement leads I waited three weeks.

having a new pacemaker put in next week, low battery, elective replacement . I’ll teturn to work in a week.

good luck ,Finn

No problem

by EilishBow - 2019-04-29 14:06:37

I don’t do Pilates but I swim and have done yoga so things that require lots of arm movement. I wouldn’t worry at all! The only time I have been aware is when stretching sometimes I can feel it push my pacemaker against my collarbone, for example stretching my left arm across my chest to the right I don’t do that on my pacemaker side. Just don’t like the feeling. But that’s about it :) just take it slow to start and if anything feels wrong just pull back a little. But I wouldn’t worry at all. 

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