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Got my pm 3/15/19. Wondering why the afternoon I feel tired and skip beats. I have afib and he said i will still have afib but I won't know it. I know there is a lot of healing going on but was wondering is my pacer set at 80 all the time maybe that's why I have skip beats?????


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by Stoneyjohn - 2019-04-16 06:41:58

PM installed May 2018. I am not qualified in any way but I had all sorts of problems at first after having a PM installed due to fast heart beats and afib and missing beats it took several visits (5) to the pacemaker clinic to get sorted but eventually they did and I am now ok. The only comment I add is that they also presribed an anticogulant to stop the afib causing a stroke which apparently can be very severe if caused by a PM.


by AgentX86 - 2019-04-16 09:03:07

You don't give much information but if you have Afib, got a pacemaker, and have been told that you'll still have Afib (a given) but that you "won't feel it", I assume that you also had an AV node ablation.  Correct?

It seems that PVCs are common with people like us. It's not really a skipped beat. If you feel your pulse, there is probably a strong beat followed by a weak beat. Often we feel the weak beat as a "skipped beat".

Your pacemaker set to 80bpm also tells me that you had an AV ablation (but I've been wrong before ;). The do this for the first month or so to prevent sudden cardiac death, as the heart gets used to being paced.  After your first checkup, they'll like dial it back to 70bpm for another three months. Then if all goes well, to 60bpm. At 80bpm I was having trouble with PVC bigeminy, so the raised it back to 80bpm. I'm paced at 50bpm at night, so I can sleep but every once in a while the bigeminy will wake me up.

Anyway, what you're feeling are probably PVCs, which are almost always benign but, yes, can be really uncomfortable. You should be able to catch them on a remote monitor,  if you have one, so you electrophysiologist can make sure that's what they are.



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by Blessed1961 - 2019-04-16 09:15:07

Yes I had av node ablation, on eliquis and plavix due to 90% block had a stint 10 months ago. Also had ablation done 6 mos ago but didn't do any good . had a TIA 4 mos ago, and now my new pacer. Praying this will be the answers. My appt isn't until June, shod I go in earlier. Woke me up a few times last last. I have the home monitor. St.judes



by AgentX86 - 2019-04-16 23:09:26

I wouldn't go to the ER, unless you're symptoms are really bad.  I'd just try to catch the arrhythmia on the remote monitor.  They'll be able to tell what it is very quickly.  After sending theremte data, call your PM technician to warn them that the remote is coming.  You may or may not want to meet with your EP.  I saw my cardioligst because I didn't know what it was but the tech told me as much as my cardiologist did.

Thanks for advise

by Blessed1961 - 2019-04-17 09:36:28

I called my cardiologist and we ran a transmitter data and that gave me piece of mind. Waiting to hear back from doc. Thanks for helping. I was in a worried panic but now I feel comfort knowing I don't have to run to er, have had my share of er. Will keep posted

This site...

by mikew - 2019-04-17 12:19:57

This site is such a welcome place for us new members! I had had my first appt yesterday after being implanted less than 2 weeks ago and I was surprised to see what I thought was a "skip". They explained because of my heart block not every beat was being completed. They made an adjustment to one of the rates and added some meds. When I come on here I see that I'm not the only recent receipiant of a PM and learn so much from the expierance of others, from rookies to veterans. Thanks to everyone!

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