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I just recently found this club and I’m so glad I did. I just recently got a lead extraction done, and had a complication in which my lead moved into the wall of my heart. I had to get a second surgery to fix the lead placement. My recovery as been going very well, I’m on blood thinners due to a blood clot forming in my leg though. About 3 and a half weeks into my recovery of the second surgery, I started to feel a tingling sensation around my defibrillator implant and chest area. Sometimes I feel it in my hands and arms as well. It’s not painful, and there’s no numbing; it’s just kind of annoying. Is this a common thing? Should I be concerned about it? I’ve been told it’s most likely just my nerves regenerating but I'm not sure. I went in for an check up and my doctor said everything looked great, so I’m not sure what this could be. Any suggestions, or similar stories are greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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