Still experiencing Palpitations

I had a dual chamber Pacemaker on the 26th of March 2019 for Bradycardia and heart pauses on reveal monitor. Am glad I found this forum it was difficult for me to accept everything. Thank you all for posting and for answering it has helped a lot. I used to struggle with Palpitations, dizziness and light headed etc and at that same time my heart rate will be so low. Post Pacemaker all the dizziness is gone but still have Palpitations, is this normal? I also still get out of breath when going up the stairs. Am also still in a lot of pain on the wound and sometimes it feels hot on the site, is it normal? My Pacemaker is set at 50 min and 130 max. 


Same here

by mikew - 2019-04-16 20:33:32

I got a PM on 4-4-19 and agree with what you said. Short of breath and still a little lightheaded at times. I had adjustments made today and they added some meds. I sure hope this gets better!

PM doesn't stop palpitations....

by BOBTHOM - 2019-04-16 21:26:52

The PM only adds heart beats/rythm as needed.  It won't stop your natural heartbeat or rythm so you may still get palpitations or PVC's or tachycardia.  Those need to be controled with meds.  Normally Ace Inhibotors and Beta Blockers.  They can make you tired and they will try to slowly increase your dosage until you can't tolerate it or have reached the max dose.  It's a fun adventure.  Some people tolerate the meds well, some not so much.

Regards to palpitations

by Finngypsygirl - 2019-04-23 15:01:44

Pacemaker won’t stop palpitations. I had mine put in for bradycardia also but still have pvc’s and different arrhythmia issues. I will say that staying very hydrated! Lots of water! Does help maybe give it a try. I also found after some time having my pacer in things settled a bit and noticed a decrease in problems with skipped beats etc. Hope this helps! 🤗💕

Just got my pacemaker

by Dlb320 - 2019-05-24 09:31:43

This is only day 4 for me but my understanding is the PM only adds beats. I got stronger meds immediately after to control the the speeding up and the PM will not let my heart stop beating for too long. Certainly don’t know if this first round of meds will do the trick, but now the Doc is free to try more meds without the fear of my heart stopping. It’s good to be wired. 

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