Short of breath

I had a PM inserted 8 months ago for complete heart block and SSS. I am still struggling with SOB on exertion. PM set at 60/120. I have asked if it could be raised, but told no. It is fine. Had several appts with pulmonologist and he says my lungs are functioning fine. Checked for asthma: none. Have been taking iron for slight anemia (10.6) but still SOB. What is wrong with me?! I am 68 and used to being fairly active. Now I can barely rake the leaves in my yard (left over from last fall when I couldn't do ANYthing). I am getting very discouraged. Please, does anyone have any suggestions?


Rate response?

by AgentX86 - 2019-04-17 19:13:18

Is rate respnse turned on?  Without more information, I'd guess that rate response is either turned off or the sensitivity needs to be increased.  Do you know what your LVEF (AKA "ejection fraction) is? If you've gone through all that testing and can't find someone who can give you an answer, perhaps it's time to get a second opinion?  ...from a top-notch EP?

If you're worryng about raking leaves, well, I've had that problem all my life but it's less a problem between my shoulder blades than between my ears.  Ain't gonna happen. ;-)

Short of breath

by Weezie69 - 2019-04-17 23:12:35

They said my ejection fraction was 65.  I have no idea about rate response. If it weren't for this club I would be totally clueless. I have tried to figure things out by doing research, but apparently I need to do more. I do know I am pacing at 100%, so I am better than before the PM.  They said I would feel so much better. Well, I keep waiting for that to happen.

go back!

by Tracey_E - 2019-04-18 09:48:06

Your ejection fraction is amazing!  55 is considered good. 

An upper limit of 120 is pretty low if you are active and otherwise healthy. Who said it can't go higher, a nurse or the doctor? If it was a nurse or tech, go over their head and ask the doctor. If it was the doctor, ask for a stress test. Get on the treadmill and let them see what happens when you get your rate up. If your numbers all look good, they may be willing to put it higher. 

Short of breath

by Weezie69 - 2019-04-19 08:46:53

 Tracey E . I had called the cardiologists office and told the nurse my concerns.  She was to talk to Dr and get back to me.  She called back the next day and said Dr had said my numbers were fine.  I had a stress test a couple of weeks after PM placement and managed to walk for 2 minutes and then nearly passed out.  PA was there and recorded that pt had hyperventilated.  whatever.  I couldnt keep going. They did put me on 25 mg of Toprolol to keep irratic heart rate from going too high.  I am going to cut back and cut off that and see what happens.  Thanks for your comment. 








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