Junctional rhythm

My annoying junctional rhythm is becoming constant.  My pacemaker rate is set at 50 (my pulse has been low all my life so I am more comfortable with it low) but would a faster pacemaker minimum rate possibly address this problem which really takes the fun out of exertion of any kind.  Thanks in advance. (Yes, I am on diltiazem at the moment and the jury is out on whether that helps or not, but I would prefer not being on a drug.  Atenolol caused undesirable side effects, so this is drug number 2.)



Junctional Rhythm

by AgentX86 - 2019-04-20 23:10:12

I feel your pain.  I'm (right now) having PVC bigeminy which isn't pleasant at all.  While the two (PVCs and junctional rhythm) aren't the same thing, the idea is to raise the heart rate so it supresses the unwanted electrical activity.

I had a low heart rate for years so prefer it that way too but after the PM implant (and AV ablation) my EP set my HR to 80bpm.  He was planning to back it off as my heart adapted to being paced but that brought on the bigeminy, so had it set back to 80bpm.  Yes, a higher rate helps but it's a choice that I'd rather not have to make.  They have my PM set to drop back to 50bpm at night so that I can sleep and the bigeminy will wake me up once in a while.  Sucks.

what feels normal

by Tracey_E - 2019-04-22 08:50:32

Yes, pacing out of the junctional rhythm may help. It's certainly worth a discussion with your doctor. I'd rather have a higher rate than be on meds. 

A low rate feels normal now, but it doesn't take long for a higher rate to feel not only normal, but good. My rate was never over 44 my entire life due to congenital av block.  It felt racy for a while when I was first paced, resting rate was rarely under 80 at first, but now I don't even notice it and I have so much more energy. 

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