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Hi all, can't believe I'm post-op week 11 here. I'm a strong believer in being proud of our scars, they tell a story and show how we persevered. Although with this in mind, as a young female I did seek out options as ways to lighten/decrease the elevation of my scar. 

I was introduced to a new perscritpion scar treatment called Recedo Topical Gel. I have been using it since week 2 when my incisons started to heal over. I never heard of this product until my dermatolgist suggested it over Mederma. I know when I was searching endlessly on the internet pre/post pacemaker insertion I never came across this medication. I've had great results and wanted to share this with you all in hopes someone can find this useful. 

Although i'm still using the gel to see its full benefits, I wrote a blog on my website & created a collage of pictures showing my journey so far using the cream. 

Link to my website post:


Thanks for sharing

by admin - 2019-04-24 18:26:39

Your scar has definetly faded and is quite small.  I'm sure other new receipints will benefit from your recommendaion.


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