Pacemaker Lump

I had my pacemaker installed on February 23, 2019. Two months later, I am still seeing a bulge from the device in my chest. It was implanted on the right side due to a vein on my left side not able to be used from past procedures when I was younger. I’m not a very big person, I only weigh about 121 pounds and I’m 22 years old. Any hope that the bulge will go away at all?



by Swangirl - 2019-04-24 01:46:18

No I'm so sorry but the bulge isn't going to go away.  When you are small without much flesh or fat on your chest there isn't anywhere to bury the device.  My friend, a 5 foot gal who doesn't weigh even 100 lbs had her PM encased in a "kangaroo pouch" to protect the device, I'm assuming.  The bulge is quite large on her bony chest.   By contrast I have a substantial amount of fat on my 5'6" frame and my cardiologist buried my PM entirely and I have no bulge, just a flat scar.  It all depends on what the doctor has to work with and his or her experience and skill.  We all are grateful though to have a ticking heart despite the asesthetics 

Pacemaker Activities

by beisenman623 - 2019-04-24 01:51:06

Thanks for the reply! I’m fairly new to having a PM, and I’m still learning about everything associated with it. I’ve seen things online about rhythmic activities such as walking, running and swimming are safe to do with a pacemaker. I don’t want to go into the ocean because of the electromagnetic stuff but is a swimming pool fine? Or should I avoid that as well?


by AgentX86 - 2019-04-24 13:45:21

At two months mine wa still settling in and swelling still making it look worse than it was. It took a good six to eight months before it wasn't really sensitive to the touch and everything going back to "normal". That said, I'm not small (5'10", 205lbs) and the outline of my PM and leads can clearly be seen. If aesthetics is that important, PMs can be put under the muscle. There is more pain involved and recovery isn't as easy but it is an option (not now obviously).


by AgentX86 - 2019-04-24 13:48:09

Once the wound is complete healed, there is nothing in the ocean that'll get you that won't also get a "normal" person. Swimming is just fine.

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