Being Medicated to raise platelet level in order to give anti-coagulents for afib

Hi, My cardiologist is adamant that I need to anti coagulate for modest afib in order to reduce stroke risk. apparently I am at risk level 3. I am a long term suffer from ITP with a count around 30. My haematologist has been asked to use medication, tablets or injection regularly to increase the platelets to around 50-70 and then give an anti-coagulent. I am not sure if this route will improve my situation or make me at greater risk from bleeding. Antbody any ideas>



by AgentX86 - 2019-04-24 13:20:02

With a CHADS score of 3, listen to your doctors. Stroke is nothing to play around with. Bleeds aren't either, which is why they're trying to get your platelet count up too. This really is critical. It will kill you, or worse.

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