New to this pacemaker life

Hi, l had one put in 2 weeks ago, after a fluke finding when l was having seizures, l feeling lost and useless, lm a casual worker so l have no money coming in and dont know what my future holds. am l  the only one that feels this way or is it normal


You're not alone

by mikew - 2019-04-24 12:04:14

I was searching for a job and actually got a call for an interview the morning I ended up in the hospital. I had been feeling run down and I thought I should get checked out before I started a new job. Now the Dr. says I shouldn't work for a month. It actually helped me being unemployed because I was able to get State insurance to help with the bills. I am a man who has made some poor decisions in the past, I divorced two years ago so  I'm all alone. Thankfully I've got the oldest thing in my life-my faith! I've accepted my lot in life and I pray each day for God to strengthen and guide me. God showed me how quickly he could knock me down and he also showed me how he could heal me very quickly! When my heart was not working I finally realized it's not the 'things' you have in this life, it's life itself that matters!

Wake up call

by Gotrhythm - 2019-04-26 15:55:24

For many people, the need for a pacemaker comes as a surprise, and rarely is it a welcome surprise. You're not alone. After the shock comes a period of adjustment. 

Sometimes part of that period of adjustment includes recognizing that we won't live forever, and questioning what we have been doing with our lives so far.

"Lonely and useless" is a bad way to feel. But you've made a start in changing "lonely" by reaching out to this group. Now change "useless" by doing something for someone, or some living thing, without expecting payment. Feeling useful has more to do with making a difference, than what one does for a living.

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