From pacemaker to CRTD, Mitral valve replacement and tricuspid valve repair.

Hi, I've been here before. In 2015 I had an hybrid ablation for persistent afib. After the ablation I received a pacemaker. Because my heart trouble conintued genetic screening was done and I found out I am the carier of a LMNA defect of the heart muscle. I have LMNA or Lamine A/C cardiomyopathy. This puts me in a high risk class for cardiac arrest so my pacemaker will be replaced by a biventricular ICD by the end of June.

The operation is performed during open heart surgery. My mitral valve will be replace and my triscupid valve will get a ring around it. At the moment my tricuspid valve is leaking severly, my mirtal vale mildly. First they wil remove my pacemaker and extract the pacemaker leads. Then the leads of the CRTD wil be placed on the heart and the CRTD will be place in my abdomen. 

I seached the internet but cannot find information about CRTD placed in the abdomen apart form the S-ICD which is not the right device for me since I am paced 97 percent of the time in the ventricles.

Is there anybody on this board who has LMNA cardiomyopthy, has underwent open heart surgery for replacing the mitral valve and the ring procedure for the tricuspid valve? Does anybody have a subcutane ICD with leads that are place on the heart instead of through the veins?

I would love to hear from you.


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