Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney got a heart transplant @ 71 after several heart attacks. He doesn't have an ICD anymore, he's got a fully functioning healthy heart.



by ROBO Pop - 2019-04-26 18:43:55

Not sure I got your point but in looking at some of your past posts but I guess it's about his age.

When I was deciding what path to take, I spoke to 4 transplant facilities around the country. While I can't be sure that all follow the same policy, however all those I spoke with cut off anyone over 65 from being added to the transplant list. If you were on it before age 65 you are ok. Why, well because the severe shortage of donor hearts and the prognosis for those over 65 surviving a transplant. So Im guessing you are over 65 and can't get on the list, and yet here's Dick Cheney with a new life at 71. What you never heard the richand powerful are treated differently and us mere mortals go to the bottom of the heap...

Look for one thing I'm amazed how many people don't fully understand the implications of getting a transplant. I did months of investigation and even interviewed a number of people who got transplants. Guess what, if you look very closely it ain't a bed of roses. And the implications for you family are significant too. I finally opted against it as my research showed it wasn't the right decision for me. Still. If its what you want, heres some info to consider.

Now as for options forget an LVAD, it's a temporary step to transplant so wouldn't do you much good. Then theres the TAH (Total Artificial Heart) which has lasted over 4 years in patients before a donor heart was found. Now as happens, SynCardia the manufacturer  is/was doing a study to use the TAH as destination therapy, meaning permanent solution. They will be happy to demo the heart for you and their web site has some great info. In case you wonder other than my Cardiologist being on their board I have no connection.

I decided to allow nature to take it's course and had my defibrillator shut off. My CRT now just acts as a pacemaker for comfort only.

Good luck



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