Odd Pacing?

So.... brand new Pacemaker 4/11/19, 41yo F, decent health. I had “odd” palpitations when I was in the hospital recovering; upon monitoring, they told me it was normal. The 2 Hour drive to my mothers house – I kept having palpitations & later figured out after reading the booklet that it was probably because I was wearing a Bluetooth headset/necklace jobbie, the L side no further than 1” from my incision!


Aside from that, I have been careful with electronics/magnets. (I was also told by a nurse that the instructions are for a solid 20-25yo older than I am. Common Sense.)


My question!?!?! When I drive, my heart feels like it is pacing weird. (Not quite as bad as when the Medtronic nurse “paced me” feeling like a panic attack.)


No magnets that I know of in my car. No Bluetooth even enabled. I definitely know the feeling of anxiety… But this does not feel like that. It feels like heart palpitations and like my heart is racing too fast. (Got PM b/c of significant pauses- not too fast!) 


Feedback? Am I just ultrasensitive because this whole thing is brand new? (I still plan on calling my doctor tomorrow… But I don’t feel like it’s worth a visit to the ER.)



Happy hearts!



Not buying any of it

by AgentX86 - 2019-04-28 22:57:27

Except the riding in the car thing.  Sometimes they have the accelerometer sensitivity too high (or you're really sensitive to pacing changes) and bumps and potholes will cause your PM to think you're working out and need more oxygen.  That can be adjusted but bluetooth is *not* causing any problems.  Neither are magnets, unless you have a really big one right on your PM.  My bet is that either your accelermoeter is set too sensitive or you've got some sort of arrhythmia going on (PVCs are really common).  Yes, it could just be the newness, too, and you're hyper-sensitive to changes. 

Don’t worry

by EilishBow - 2019-04-29 02:24:01

hi! I really wouldn’t worry too much. Palpitations are normal in anyone even if you have a pacemaker. You may be just feeling anxious as it is so new. Also it will take them a while to find the right settings for you, and it will take a while to get used to how it feels when the pacemaker makes your heart beat. I was very aware of it to start with and had something called pacemaker syndrome. So they had to adjust my settings and then I didn’t notice it anymore. As you probably have a check soon mention it to them then and see what rate you’re set at etc and if anything can be changed to help how you are feeling :) 

May be sensitive

by RocketTom - 2019-04-29 08:21:08

The Bluetooth isn't the problem - very low power output. After my ICD was installed, I kept getting palpitations as well. We found that my heart was VERY sensitive to pacing and I could feel it when it would do it's thing. We wound up changing the minimum heart beat up and things greatly improved. (This was just what worked for me!) I've gone through 3 devices over 10 years, and I still feel them. You're early on with your device, so there will be some tune-ups coming up. They do a great job with the initial settings but the heart is the final say-so. If in doubt, you can call your doctor - I'm sure they'll do there best to make you feel comfortable.


by MissAshleigh - 2019-04-29 11:43:04

Since posting: I’ve put in a call to doc/PM clinic.

I’m SUPER curious about the driving comment. I’m in Baltimore City & drive as a courier for a living (PT-hope to be back working FT soon!) I love my city, that said, you can probably guess we have A LOT OF POTHOLES & crappy roads. I blow a tire at least once every two months (& i’m very cautious & report potholes to 311, etc.)


It keeps happening. Yesterday I PULLED OVER to get out of the car to make sure nothing was on/near me. I almost pulled into the hospital I had my procedure at (but logically, I know I’m safe; it’s just weird.)

Sitting up & exercise doesn’t cause it. (Speaking of, is it normal to feel your PM move when walking fast/running? Or is it b/c it’s so new?) 


Also... this is ALL new to me, so please be gentle when I’m wrong! ðŸ˜‚! Not yet familiar w/ all terms, have read ALL info given to me by docs.... SO much is contradictory.


I’m sensitive, still, don’t think the odd pacing is happening from sheer anxiety (Although, once I’m aware, I know that contributes!) In my 20’s, I went to the ER for palpitations & they were in “normal range” & I’ve never worried about them since. These don’t feel like normal palpitations, though… Much more pronounced! I put off getting a pacemaker for two months & had a lot of anxiety & my normal palpitations, but not what I have felt since the device implantation.


I had my follow up last week, everything “perfect.” When the nurse checked my device, she paced me in a few ways that were uncomfortable (excuse my lack of knowledge regarding terms.) Changed my BPM to 60, tweaked some other stuff, induced weird pacing that she said would feel like “pressure” but felt like the weirdest panic attack ever. 


I’m also curious regarding restrictions. My device is “MRI compatible,” but my manual is very serious about wireless communication devices (laptop, remote controls, smart watches, Bluetooth earbuds, remote keyless entry, accessories containing magnets.) Hence me attributing the heart palpitations in my moms car to the Bluetooth. Magnets for earbuds & wireless. My car, however, clueless. 


Conflicting info: Microwaves, smart phones, magnets, Bluetooth *devices, not BT in general,* security wand/no wand. My manual says no Bluetooth devices or magnets w/in 6”, microwave & phone ok, but it also says not to drive for 6 weeks & not to pick up more than 1 lb for 6 weeks. Another packet tells me NO microwave closer than arms length, no cell phone on left ear. No driving for 1week & 5lbs. One Rep told me I couldn’t drive 10weeks b/c of airbag. Um. Passenger? Main Doc cleared me to drive, but not lift more than 5lbs for TEN weeks (he’s the most pragmatic & liberal out of everyone, so I take the lifting restrictions to HEART!) 


So many questions, sorry, on a phone with limited time to edit! Thanks for all responses!





Normal since 2nd visit

by MissAshleigh - 2019-05-24 17:10:52

I went back to the pacemaker  nurse; she’s the one that took off my Steri-Strips & “paced” me @ 60 & did something to check me @ high BPM’s (despite my reason for device implant being heart pauses up to 9.6 secs.)

She removed something & chanced my low to 55 BPM’s.  I haven’t felt the fluttering or had the palipations since that follow up visit.

Thanks everyone for the responses!

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