MEDTRONIC Circuit Errors

Hello! I recently had a pacemaker checkup, and was informed the Medtronic ADVDD01 pacemaker is experiencing problems with particular settings (And some other pacemakers also possibly). I unfortunatley was using one (VDD) and have been moved to VVIR until an update is found.


"The root cause for this issue is related to a design change to an integrated circuit in a subset of devices that were distributed between 10 March 2017 and 7 January 2019."

(You can use the Medtronic website to see if your pacemaker - via serial number - is affected).


They are hoping that a software update will be developed by the end of the year, but I'm just wondering if there is anyone else on here affected by this? And if so, how are you feeling on your new settings?


Hope everyones doing well <3


Medtronics PM Recall - Mine was Included!

by KonaLawrence - 2019-05-02 03:13:43

I have a Medtronics ADDRL1 (Adapta L DR).  I did the Serial No lookup and Bingo, mine is one that is susceptable to the circuit/software flaw...

I originally found out about the Recall here, on from one of the "guru" posters.  If you carefully read the official notification letter from Medtronics you will see that there is a very small chance that the PM will "lock up", stop pacing and cannot be restarted without replacement surgery.

In my case, I am 100% paced with no Escape Rythm.  If my PM stoped, I would stop.  Needless to say I was concerned.  As always, the Kaiser Hawaii folks were very helpful.  They couldn't fit me in very quickly here in Kona so they flew me to Honolulu to get it done.  
 I got in on March 4.  I was switched from DDDR mode to AVIR mode.  In my case it's not suppossed to make any difference and mostly, it has not.  However, when the software fix comes out I will go back in to get back in DDDR mode.
Medtronics, in their letter, suggested there are 150,000+ people affected by this error.  You are the 1st person I've seen post about it.


by NiamhM - 2019-05-02 09:13:40

Oh hello! Yes I only had this  pacemaker put in in November, however it was the same model I'd had for the previous 8 years, and then in March during a pacing check they informed me, and changed the settings. I'm the same though, if the pacemaker stops I stop! 

I'm based in London, and was told only a handful of people at my hospital were potentially affected, so you're the first person I've known of to also be affected.

I've found my new setting is pacing my heart less accurately, and often feels like it wants to drop below my bottom rate of 60 (my fitbit is great for keeping me in the know of my HR). 

I thankfully have an appointment on May 13th, so may get some new info then, but the update isn't expected until the end of the year which is a little disconcerting. As it was only put in in Novemeber I really don't want another box change, so fingers crossed they get us an update soon!

Have you felt any changes to your pacing?

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