Epicardial Lead placement surgery

I am 3 weeks post op from a mini-thoracotomy to place epicardial left ventricular leads for CRT.  I had previously had a endocardial LV lead placed 8 years ago.  It was not working optimally and was draining generators within 3-4 years.  I am on my 4th device since 1st placement in 2008.  I have a complete heart block, Class II-III heart failure.  I am still in a good amount of pain and limited physical function.  Just wondering if anyone out there has had this surgery and how long it took them to recover.  I also had a generator replacement at the same time.  I have a mammary crease incision and significant pain there, in my left rib area and left mid back pain.  Surgeon was very vague about what to expect post operatively, he made it seem like it was no big deal.  He should have to have one done, lol.



by jennk - 2019-05-06 15:53:46

When was your surgery?   I wish surgeons could feel the pain from first few days for just one minute of a sub pectoral placement, but that would be selfish as then they would probably not want to perform the surgery that helps me live.    Having your life run by a machine is frustrating, but at least we get a life.   I’m a few days post op from a redo of my first battery replacement six months ago.  The sutures didn’t hold.   So, pain is still there but since it’s been fairly recent I know the worst is going away within a few weeks.  Hang in there.

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