low blood pressure


I haven't been on here in quite some time now.   I received a pacemaker over 2 years ago (still love it) but am having low blood pressure lately.   Last night it was 87 over 56.   I checked it for about 15 minutes on and off and the highest it got was 96 over 64.   I went to the ER last week over this and they sent me home after watching me 6 hours and told me to followup with my EP.  But they can't see me until May 14th.

Anyways I was wodnering if anyone else has this issue.   I have noticed I am tired more often again which I hate to see comig back.

 I am 47 years old and on no medications if that would help your thoughts also. 

Thank you,



Low blood pressure

by Selwyn - 2019-05-04 14:20:20

In general if you are not having symptoms from your BP I don't think I would be too worried.  Some people faint, or go dizzy- this is a problem.

BP is lower at night. It is probably best to get a 24 hour monitoring cuff machine-  See what the average is.  It is best to check blood pressure in the other arm- sometimes arterial disease or compression can cause a false reading. 

Dehydration can cause a low BP. A little extra salt in the diet may increase BP along with extra fluids.  

There are illnesses like, Addison's Disease, low thyroid, anaemia etc. that cause low BP- you may need to get some basic biochemistry/ haematology checked.


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