Dual chamber pacemaker

I have had a duel chamber pacemaker for about 6 years for complete heart block. All my previous ECGs have showed an atrial sensed ventricular paced rhythm. Now I have switched to an atrioventricular duel-paced rhythm which means my atrium is being paced all the time. Has anyone had this happen? What is the underlying physiology? I am having problems finding out caused this. Thanks for any help.


Same here (but different)

by Coachp9 - 2019-05-03 10:26:34

As they were testing previous to a lead replacement, tests showed my ventrium now needed to be fully paced.  I think I received less than a shrug when I asked why that would happen, when I was only being paced about 20% at a check up 2 months before...

My thought it, they don't know...they really don't know why my heart block occurred as well, so same thing goes for that

Atrial pacing

by ar_vin - 2019-05-03 13:57:30

It's likely you've developed some form of "sick sinus syndrome" - basically means your sinus node is failing to pace your atrium adequately.

Many of these electrical disturbances in the heart in a segment of the population are due to age related fibrosis of the tissue. This may or may not be the case here. But it does explain why some one diagnosed with a rhythm disorder (and have a PM implanted) might go on to develop other rhythm issues over time.

Ask your EP if you've developed "sick sinus syndrome" and consequent sinus pauses and or sinus bradycardia (low heart rate).



by IAN MC - 2019-05-03 15:22:34

I think ar_vin makes a good suggestion . An unfortunate fact of life is that cardiac electrical problems can change over time.

You may never find the cause but I hope that your pacemaker  manages the problem regardless of the cause

Good luck



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