Medtronic care link application for android

I've had my pacemaker (Medtronic)  for only a short time and so technically am still in the heart remodeling/recovery phase (April).  I am trying to us the MCL app on my android phone.  I was wondering if anybody else is using MCL app and if so, are you able to get any useful information from it.  Thus far it is just dictionary items (model, implant date, etc. ) but no information on the pacemker operation and functioning.  The app has only been available since January 2019.



Medtronic App

by Pacemum - 2019-05-08 18:33:05

We are over in the UK and hopefully should be getting the app for my daughter sometime in the near future.  She had her replacement implanted in January.

My understanding of the app is that its main purpose is to send data to the hospital or medical facility to cut down on travelling. The reader is also more portable than the wired carelink monitors.  The data is encrypted and sent remotely by the app.   Only basic information will be visible to the patient.   Once the hospital/doctor/medical facility have received the data they will issue their report as normal.  If the data reveals any issues or they feel that any adjustments need to be made then you will be given an appointment with the hospital or doctor etc.

The app is in the early stages and the information available may change in the future but the intention is that at the moment only basic information is available to the patient.   The pacemaker readings have to be interpreted by a trained EP.

Medtronic care link application for android

by young@hrt - 2019-05-09 01:01:36

Thanks, That is what I assumed since some of the information available to the clinician needs to be interpreted.  Hopefully in the future some subset (such as battery life) will be available on the app .

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