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Have any of you had any adverse affects with taking Entresto? My dosage for Entresto was recently increased to the maximum amount. Since then I can feel my heart beat harder, and, not sure if this is a cause, I have had 2 instances where I was paced out. My heart rate and BP has also increased with exertion.

Not sure if this is just my heart adjusting to the med dosage and if it will normalize over time. My EP mentioned that I may need to increase my dose of Coreg (above the 25mg max). Not sure if I want more meds.





by steppingstones - 2019-05-09 22:01:33

I am on my second month with the lowest dose.  I have side effects from it from about 30 minutes after I take it and continues for a couple hours. It seems to bother me more at night, but my heart likes to throw temper tantrums at night anyway.  I think its a tired thing.  I get a deeper beat with a heaviness in my chest and it makes my breathing faster than normal.  It lowers my blood pressure to low at least so far and is the reason I am not on a higher dosage.  I take four other heart medications and I am trying to space them out more to see if it will help lessen the Entresto's reaction.  I take Entresto for CHF.  I joined the CHF group on facebook and many of those people are on Entresto also.  I have found a lot of good information and support there.  Many of those people also have pacemakers and CRT's.  I think it helped me to realize what was the normal reaction to this medicine and others. 


by ROBO Pop - 2019-05-12 10:51:12

Ah the miracle fix for CHF.

I was one of the first to be placed on this miracle drug...immediately experienced Angio Edema, ie swelling of the face tongue and throat, a potentially deadly issue.

There are many people who enjoy near miraculous results with these drugs, and others like myself near disaster then there's those in between. The clinical studies showed only 20% of patients benefitted, still if you are one of those 20% you life is changed for the better. Might be worth sticking with it a bit longer, you can always drop it if not.

I have no regret trying, those of us in end stage know how miserable it can be and any realistic shot at fixing it is worth taking


by Dave H - 2019-05-12 12:39:10

This is my second try w/Entresto. First try, last year, I had a major loss of equillibrium event that I blamed on this drug and I stopped it's use..  After a number of months, and positive reviews of Entresto, from the Mayo Clinic and other places, I'm in the third week of the "baby dose" right now. No issues so far.  Previous drug I tried was elperenone - used mainly to lower BP. Problem was, I don't have high blood pressure.  During my usage, I was listless and tired so I stopped elperenone use after a 3 week trial.  


Steppingstones Entresto

by Paced out - 2019-06-28 19:46:32

I have been on Entresto since about February of this year. Was started on the low dose due to low EF. Previously had pacemaker implant in June of 2018. By March of this year, it was decided I had "pacemaker syndrome" so a CRT device was implanted. 

I am still awaiting another echocardiogram to see what difference has been made. I'm not nearly as breathless as before. I would  get very out of breath just rolling out the trash cans about 15 feet on trash night.

Anyway, my dosage of  Entresto had to be lowered to 1/2 of the low dose due to  it lowering my blood pressure too much. I didn't have high blood pressure prior to  starting Entresto. The night it dropped  to 80/46 I freaked out and called an advice nurse. 

Yes, that will make you dizzy, light headed and listless. Upon discharge from the hospital following  the last implant, I was told to not take Entresto unless my systolic bp was over 90. Following that the  cardiologist had me take only 1/2 pill each am and pm. So far, my blood pressure has been in the mid to upper 90s or low 100s. I find I feel better when it's over 100.

Low blood pressure is one of the side effects of this drug. The doc initially said she would want to increase the dose to the higher level, but it looks like that won't be happening.

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